Crockpot Country Style Ribs

Crockpot Country Style Ribs

You'll need: Country style ribs BBQ sauce Apple cider vinegar Onion Worcestershire sauce Paprika Salt

Season the ribs on both sides with salt and paprika.  Did you know?  Country style ribs aren't ribs at all, they're from the shoulder area. They mimic the taste and texture of ribs, though!

Roast the ribs in a 500°F for 8–10 minutes, or until golden brown on the bottom.  This creates a fantastic flavor on the meat. You can brown them in a skillet if you prefer.

Whisk the bbq sauce, apple cider vinegar, and onion together in a crockpot. Add the ribs and toss to coat. Cook for 2 hours on HIGH and 3–4 hours on LOW.

The country style ribs will be tender and pulling away from the bone when done.  For the full recipe, click  "Get the recipe" below!